Livin’ Local

First City Passageways

Enjoy discovering the initial 2 years of passageway art with the Scavenger Hunt flyer.  Turn in your completed flyer to the Main Street office, 416 Cherokee, for a prize.

Scavenger Hunt

Shawnee Street Murals

Stroll along Shawnee Street Downtown and enjoy the many murals and sculpture that line the street. There are others to be found throughout out downtown both inside and outside.

592-LV Main Street Art Walk Brochures

Top 10 Reasons to Live Local!!

1. Shopping local supports our local economy. For every $100 spent in a locally owned store, $45 stays within the local economy and circulates through other local businesses creating jobs and positive economic development. For big boxes, it’s about $15 per every $100 spent, while out-of-town shopping and on-line shopping retain virtually nothing for our local economy.

2. Keep Leavenworth (and your gifts) UNIQUE! Small local businesses have access to unique local products that make great gifts for that special someone in your life. Supporting our local businesses helps diversify our local economy by encouraging more entrepreneurs and more unique businesses.

3. Shopping local supports local charities. Local businesses support local organizations and charities that you depend on through their donations. With your support, local businesses give back and help local causes, promote holiday entertainment and all of the special things that make Leavenworth a unique and caring community.

4. Shopping local creates jobs. Small businesses are the nation’s largest employer: according to the US Census Bureau, they create over ninety percent of all net new jobs. By supporting local small businesses, you help create and retain jobs in our local area.

5. Supporting local business establishes our community leaders. What do most of our local elected officials have in common? They are small business owners or work as management within entrepreneurial style businesses. As Leavenworth seeks to deal with the challenges of tomorrow, it is important to generate creative new ways to solve local problems. Small business owners, by their very nature, are creative problem solvers.

6. Supporting local businesses creates the community that we want to see. When you spend money at a local business, you increase building occupancy rates, help establish new businesses and create vibrant local retail, service, restaurant and entertainment options. Local businesses reinvest the money you spend with them to help create a better Leavenworth.

7. Local businesses support other local businesses. When you spend your money with a local retailer, they spend money with a local advertiser, their local accountant, a local bank, the local variety/office supply store, local product suppliers and much more.

8. Shopping local is green. Less money spent on fuel and packaging means a lower carbon footprint. Less time in the car means more time with family, friends and enjoying life as well.

9. Shopping local supports local schools, infrastructure and services. The property and sales taxes generated through local businesses pay our local teachers, fire fighters, police and support local roads and other infrastructure. When you shop local, you are literally helping us build our community.

10. Shop local because we have many great local businesses that want to help you have a wonderful shopping experience. There is nothing quite like running into your friends and family as you shop your home town, and buying things from people that know and care about you. Do more than just shop Leavenworth. Invite your out of town friends and family to shop our community, and let’s have a wonderful time here in Leavenworth!

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