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Welcoming a Visionary Leader to Leavenworth Main Street Program

New Executive Director Set to Transform Local Business Landscape

[Leavenworth, Kansas] – In a city steeped in history and rich with small-town charm, Leavenworth Main Street Program has found its guiding light in Haley Shaw, the newly appointed Executive Director. With her diverse expertise in small business-driven entrepreneurship and her passion for community revitalization, Shaw is poised to lead the organization into a new era of growth and innovation.

Shaw’s resume shines with a lifetime of accomplishments, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to driving organizational success through strategic leadership. As the former Vice President, Principal Gifts at the United Way of Greater Kansas City, she consistently exceeded expectations in relationship development and data-driven analytics, securing significant growth opportunities for the organization. Her reputation for adaptability, diplomacy, and innovation precedes her, making her the perfect fit for the future of Leavenworth Main Street Program.

The Leavenworth Main Street Program, with its emphasis on preserving historical districts and activating business opportunities in small to midsize markets, aligns perfectly with Shaw’s vision. As the Owner and Creative Director of ShawBrands LLC, doing business as Birdsong Blooms, Shaw has demonstrated her ability to blend her deep understanding of the local cut flower industry with strategic management and technological proficiency. Under her guidance, Birdsong Blooms has achieved remarkable success, delivering premium cut flowers to clientele both online and within the Kansas City metro area.

The role of the Executive Director at Leavenworth Main Street Program is multifaceted, with responsibilities ranging from maintaining a professional office to investor relations and liaison work with various community organizations. Shaw’s extensive experience in leadership positions, coupled with her proficiency in computers, specialty programs, and social media, positions her as an exceptional candidate to fulfill these responsibilities effectively.

Throughout her career, Haley Shaw has consistently demonstrated a dedication to excellence and a passion for community revitalization. Her appointment as the new Executive Director has been met with excitement and hope from local business owners and residents alike. The Leavenworth Main Street Board of Directors is confident that under Shaw’s leadership, the organization will soar to new heights and bring about positive change in the community.

Shaw’s first day at Leavenworth Main Street Program is scheduled for March 6th. Her arrival marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the organization, as it strives to promote positive initiatives and create opportunities for local small businesses. The community eagerly anticipates Shaw’s influence and welcomes her with open arms.

Leavenworth Main Street Program is poised for a transformation under the visionary leadership of Haley Shaw. With her strategic mindset, inclusive communication style, and unwavering commitment to preserving and enhancing the city’s historical districts, Shaw is set to make an indelible mark on the local business landscape. Leavenworth Main Street Program and the community it serves are ready to embrace the future, guided by the experienced and passionate hand of their new Executive Director.

Note: The quotes and information in this article were sourced from Haley Shaw’s cover letter to Leavenworth Main Street Program, her resume, and the Leavenworth Main Street Director Job Description.

Across the nation, small cities such as Leavenworth have discovered that the Main Street approach can bring about dramatic change downtown.

The approach advocates improvements that create a positive, distinctive community image. Established in 1995, the Leavenworth Main Street Program, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to keeping downtown Leavenworth economically healthy through historic preservation and revitalization.
Downtown Leavenworth is home to more than 275 businesses. Our organization has played a significant role in keeping our central business district viable and attractive. Since 1995 our partnerships with businesses, building owners, the city and economic development groups have resulted in $71 million (December 2016) in reinvestments in our downtown.

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