Commercial & Retail Properties Available

Commercial & Retail Properties Available for Lease and/or Sale in Downtown Leavenworth, Kansas

Oftentimes there are opportunities to purchase a building or an existing business downtown that may not be listed. 
Contact 913-682-3924 to further discuss downtown opportunities. Click below for a list of current available commercial properties downtown. If there are changes or updates to this list, please let us know!


Leavenworth Market Profile and Snapshot


Funding Opportunities: An Overview

The Neighborhood Revitalization (NRA) is valuable to Downtown Building owners and you apply/register in the City Planner’s office. Basically your existing property taxes are documented, then again once your renovations are complete and the increased value is 95% rebated over 10 years.
City of Leavenworth Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Network Kansas: StartUp Kansas:
The StartUp Kansas loan program is through Network Kansas also and can be applied for at any time. As with all funding opportunities a bank loan is required to be in place as the private match. A Grow Leavenworth County representative will administer the application.
For underserved populations – rural business (town pop. < 50K) OR a business located in an urban distressed area (20%+ of the population lives below the poverty level)
– Matches up to 150% of public or private (bank) financing
-Example: If bank loan is for $20,000 then can apply to StartUp KS for up to $30,000
– Maximum StartUp Kansas loan amount is $45,000
– Matches terms of matching loan
Ex: If bank loan is 7 years @ 6%, StartUp KS loan is 7 years @ 6%
– Flexible use of funds – working capital,startup costs, building, real estate, equipment, etc
– Accepted monthly. Apps are due by the 1st of each month.

City of Leavenworth Matching Grant:
Program Overview and Objectives
Penny Holler, Assistant City Manager, administers the matching grant program. Contact him prior to starting your project for a review. 913-680-2602. New and existing commercial, retail, or industrial businesses may be reimbursed 50% of the costs for development of their business. Owners may be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar matching grant up to $5,000 for single unit locations and up to $15,000 for multi-tenant locations. Grant monies are awarded to encourage building updates and/or renovations to new and existing businesses. These funds are not available for routine repairs and maintenance. Examples of improvements considered for the grant include:
• Architectural Façade Renovation
• Replacement or installation of windows and doors
• Improvements to ceilings & floors
• Installation or removal of fixed walls
• Internal architectural changes
• Interior and exterior lighting
• Permanent fixtures
• Aesthetic detailing
• ADA Improvements
• Installation of new HVAC systems (for buildings that never had one)
• Electrical and plumbing alterations for bringing a structure up to required codes
• Additional new construction to an existing structure for expansion
• New Signage
The amount of available funds for such grants is limited. Therefore, they are not available for projects outside the general business district or to not-for-profit entities. Businesses may only be eligible for grants once every 24 months. All property taxes must be current, fees paid, and codes met on properties or projects being considered for a grant.
Before you begin your development project, call the Economic Development Department or log onto the City’s website at Grant Funds are disbursed upon completion of project and final inspection.
It is the applicant’s direct responsibility to secure all necessary permits prior to construction and make arrangements for City inspections during the construction phrase. All projects must be inspected and approved by the Economic Development Administrator and Building Inspections Department before funds will be released. Grant Funds will not be awarded for projects that have been started or completed before approval.

GLC – Grow Leavenworth County E-Community Loan Fund:
Businesses in Leavenworth County are eligible to apply for low interest loans to open or grow their businesses. A business plan and current bank loan are required. Depending on business project, loans may be available up to $45,000.
Penny Holler administers the program within the city limits of Leavenworth, Matt Schmitz administers the program in Lansing and Lisa Haack, within the county. Depending on fund availability, loans are awarded based on business plan and need. Contact Penny at, 913-680-2602 or Matt at or 913-727-5488 and Lisa at lhaack@LV Count or 913-727-6111. 

Leavenworth Main Street Revolving Loan Fund:
This program is administered by the Main Street Director. An application will be written to encompass the scope of your business project and funding is dependent on available funds in the revolving loan fund, Debbie Deere, 682-3924. Maximum loans are $20,000 based on a 3 to 1 private/public match. A broad scope of projects can be applied for including façade upgrades, renovation of building, business expenses including POS system.
Historic Tax Credits: Downtown Leavenworth Historic District

Many properties, although not all, are listed in the Downtown Leavenworth Historic District. A description of historic tax credits and other opportunities through the Kansas State Historic Society, can be viewed under the Preservation tab. The tax credit can be very useful as they represent a total of 45% of approved building project costs that can be awarded through the application process. The Secretary of the Interior’s “standards” must be followed and tax credits awarded may be utilized on your personal/business income tax return or sold on the open market to reimburse renovation costs. Contact to determine if your building is eligible.

LCDC Microgrant Program is intended to encourage new and expanding for-profit businesses with less than 20 employees and less than $750,000 in annual revenue. They can request between $200 and $1,500. It is a matching program, so they will need to show at least two times the request amount of capital investment. Contact Lisa Haack

LISA HAACK, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR, 1294 Eisenhower Road Leavenworth, KS 66048 913.727.6111 office
785.375.3737 cell

Heritage Trust Fund Grant:
The Kansas State Historic Society administers all funding opportunities include the Heritage Trust Fund Grant, up to $90,000 with a 20% private match. This is a very competitive grant, however if your building is severely compromised on the exterior (roof leaking, exterior walls collapsing and related) it warrants consideration.

Funding Opportunities A Recap of Available Funding Sources

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